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Women of Strength - Her Story

'…The women grabbed my arms and forcefully pushed me on to the ground, stripped me naked, held my legs wide open and cut my clitoris with unsterilized kitchen knife;….  Blood scattered everywhere. I was screaming at the top of my voice, shouting for my mother's help…The women gave me a liquid to drink made from herbs.  They said it would stop the bleeding and relieve the pain. For days I was not able to walk upright. The psychological effect is unexplainable…' (Young Woman Scotland: DARF, 2010)

DARF at a Glance!

DARF is a vibrant organisation working to end violence against women and children in Scotland and Eastern Africa. However, our current focus is to end female genital mutilation (FGM) and child marriage.  Notably, DARF is the only organisation in Scotland systematically focusing on ending FGM through multiple rights-based approaches especially creating awareness and trainings on FGM and  related matters.

The Board of Trustees would like to welcome you to our website.  We are optimistic that this site will serve as a tool in advancing our work.  DARF is currently campaigning for the elimination of  female genital mutilation in Scotland. A number of women and girls are not aware of the legal issues and information available.  There is a pressing need to raise awareness about the health, social and legal issues, and about the services and sources of information that are available amongst communities that practise female genital mutilation in Scotland.


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About the founder

DARF was established in 2007 December by Dr Monica Mhoja and it was officially launched on 24th October 2009 by the Hon Mwanaidi Maajar. Monica is a lawyer and a human rights activist for more than twenty years. She has conducted various research on violence against women; advocated for women's & children's rights; supported victims of FGM and child marriage - her missionary zeal is to contribute in ending harmful traditions i.e. FGM,child/forced marriages and widowhood rites. In recognition of her human rights activisim, the American Bar Association (Litigation Section) awarded her the 2003 International Human Rights Award. Monica has published widely on women's rights issues. She is an alumni member of IFP-Ford Foundation, LAWA-George Town Law Center and the University of Edinburgh.

Do you want to learn more on FGM and child marriage? Read Dr Monica Mhoja's book. The book expounds the plight of child marriage and subsequently child widowhood.  A number of female children interviewed were mutilated and abused. 'Butogwa, a midwife at Tarime government hospital, recounted the story of a child-wife who had complications during childbirth because of FGM scars.  She was operated on and due to further complications, her baby died' (Magoke-Mhoja, 2008)

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